18 July 2010

Izzie new haircut, kids and jumping?

I have the cutest little girl in the world.
I have been making her some clothes lately and just finished this outfit.

I fell in love with the fabric when I saw it. Not everyone likes it.
I don't care.
I love it.
Olivia loves it.

She is quite the little diva.
I made it so the big flower can be removed.

On to more interesting things.
Izzie was miserable this year in the heat. We would spend hours brushing her and still didn't help.
Finally Troy and I just shaved her. Izzie was not very happy with me.
I cut her a few times. Just a few!
By the time we got to her head I just couldn't go on. I was almost in tears because I had hurt her.

We were at the park and I thought it would be fun to take pictures of everyone jumping.
It turned out to be fun and funny.
Rolling on the grass, laughing until your stomach hurts funny!
My wonderful husband just couldn't make it very far. If you will notice in the upcoming pictures that the children aren't very gifted with the ability to jump also.
Notice there are not pictures of me jumping.
That's because I can't.

Logan did pretty well.
Until I asked him to jump sideways.

Then this happened. He actually hurt himself.
Does that surprise anyone?
Olivia was trying so hard.

Soren was just down right hysterical!

Ella and Anna did pretty great.

Olivia was showing off her new outfit.

Here are my five wonderful kids who are absolutely driving me nuts this summer with their fighting.

I never fought with my siblings.

Right after I took these pictures all the dogs took off and the kids had to go chase them down.
Lot's of fighting and screaming ensued.
name calling.
I just sat back and watched it all.
I love my life!

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