02 January 2013

New name, new blog.

I've started up a new blog.  Looks like I ran out of picture space and I don't want to have to pay for it.  I'm cheap that way!  Anyway the kids wanted to rename the blog.

03 December 2012

Waiting for the bus.

This  is what we do while we wait for the bus in the morning.

18 November 2012

Why do I do it?

 I put myself in situations that aren't good for my anxiety issues.  My baby will be turning 7 this next week, so we celebrated her birthday yesterday.  She didn't want any of the kids in her class to feel bad about not being invited, so we invited the whole class.
I know!
The next few pictures are of Anna working on Olivia's birthday cake.  For a class project in school she is learning how to make and decorate cakes.  Our friend Heather is helping her in this process.  She caught on fast and did a fantastic job.  It's a lot harder than it looks. 

 I had her put a gingerbread man on it since Olivia's birthday was Gingerbread themed.
 I even took a shot at it.
 For her first try at this cake thing, I think she did a fantastic job.  Thanks Heather for the help.

 I had the kids decorate brown paper bags to take their gingerbread cookies home in.
-Side note.
I had Olivia dressed all nice with her hair fixed beautifully.  By the time the party got started, her hair was down and a mess and she had changed her clothes.
 After they decorated the bags, they decorated some cookies.  Most the kids ate all the cookies  before they made it to their bags.  The sugar highs in these kids. 
I thought the screaming and running around was bad at the Halloween party!
Nothing compared to this.

 She loved all her gifts.  One of the first things she opened up was a Fur- Real Baby Bunny.
Oh my holy heck.
Not a good thing, seeing that I just lost our "real" bunny a few days ago.
Olivia got all teary eyed and just looked at me.
On to the next present.
I think it turned out well.  The kids had a good time.  I stalked the baby that was there.  We had only a few incidents.
Just glad that's over with!
Not glad that my baby is growing up too fast.

11 November 2012

Fabulous Family.

 Olivia, our Little Miss Muffet.

 Soren with the killer dimples.

 Ella, our sweet blue eyed girl.

 Anna, our daughter that giggles too much.

 Logan, our oldest son with a killer smile!

I try to force my family to do pictures every few months.  There's a lot of teasing Mom and getting me all riled up.  They know how to do that to me.  I think at one point I threw a very large sharp stick at Logan.  The best behaved out of everyone was Izzie girl.

November is the month people reflect on how blessed they are.  All the teasing and joking aside, my kids are incredible.  I am thankful that they are kind, loving children.  We have our moments of fighting and bickering like any other normal family. 
 These pics are for my Mom and Dad.
 I love being together as a family.  It seems the time is flying by, and soon Logan will be off to college.  I just need to relax and not let the little things pass me by.

04 November 2012

Friday afternoon.

 Heading down to pick up the kids from the bus stop.
 I ended up with 2 kids home from school today.  Little Miss Muffet could of gone, but I enjoyed her home with me.  She's been hauling her baby Mia around with her lately.  Everywhere we go, she has her baby on her hip.  The darn girl won't wear shoes though.  It's getting so cold out and she still won't put them on.

 Anna was home also.  Don't you just love her shoes?  I let the girls decorate their shoes themselves.
 Our Izzie girl.  Her eyes are gorgeous.

 We got a new bunny.  His name is Mr. Freckles.  All the other animals seem get along with him pretty well.  He's very tame and is good with the kids.

Mr. Freckles, the new member of the Dunow family!

28 October 2012

Halloween 2012. - Done-!

Anna was a Zombie bride for the Halloween party last night.  We wanted to make some crazy hair on her so we tried out a Pinterest trick.  First we twisted her hair and scrunched foil around it.  Then we used the flat iron on each of the little foil things.
Crazy hair on a crazy girl!  This was so funny for us because Anna has the straightest hair ever.
She looks like she could be from the 1980's with hair like that.

The kids had originally planed to do a haunted forest.  Unfortunately it rained all day long.  Imagine that in Northern Washington.  So the kids along with some of their friends and Troy made up the shop.
Lot's of fake blood, spaghetti, and fake body parts.

This poor unfortunate person didnt' stand a chance.  They all had a great time.  It turned out really corny, but so much fun.  Once the lights were out, all the candles lit and the kids in place, it  was scary.
I wish I would of taken more pictures of all the kids in the costumes.  It go really crazy after this picture and I didn't stop until I fell into bed.
What do you call a bunch of 6th graders.
I guess there was an earthquake last night, but I would of never known.  There was so many kids running in and out of the house last night, it felt like earthquake!

This was my sorry attempt at eyeballs in the tree.  I asked Troy to hang them up in a tree.  This is what I found when I came back from picking up kids.  He said it needed a smile. 
Good use of a life jacket Honey!

Yes, my kids are demented.
All the boys loved all the guts and blood.
I just kept thinking about all the lovely things about fall!
I'm not a fan of all the gory Halloween stuff.  I like the fluttering leaves, crisp air, bright pumpkins, apples.
I really stepped out of my box last night and let my kids have a good safe night of fun.  The kids have some wonderful friends that they were able to share this night with.  It was worth it!
I'm already planning a bloodless Christmas party!